• How Long Will A Home Inspection take and What You Can Expect

    A home inspection is a mostly visual inspection of the grounds and premises. When you hire a home inspector you are getting an impartial opinion from a third party(inspector). Purchasing a home is a very stressful and exciting time but jumping in without some precautions can be a very costly mistake. In this blog we will outline what you can expect from your property inspection.

  • The Dangers Of Carbon Monoxide in Your Home

    This blog post will focus on carbon monoxide in your home,how it can affect your health and things you can do to for prevention. Carbon monoxide is a colourless, tasteless and odourless gas produced from the burning of natural gas, wood, propane, charcoal and other fuels. There are on average 300 deaths and 200 hospitalizations each year in Canada. Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer.

  • Asbestos in Your Home

    Asbestos in your home is a mineral fiber that can be positively identified only with a special type of microscope. There are several types of asbestos fibers. In the past, asbestos was added to a variety of products to strengthen them and to provide heat insulation and fire resistance. InterNACHI inspectors can supplement their knowledge with the information offered in this guide. For additional information visit Asbestos-Canada.ca

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